Route Description


The route of the Nine Muses race is identical to that of the Euchidios route and it is all on tarmac roads. The race starts almost half way in the Euchidios route, at 48.5 km, within the fir forest of the mythical Mount Helicon, in the mountainous village of Agia Anna.

Runners will start climbing towards Arvanitsa as soon as they cross a long straight road outside Agia Anna. Arvanitsa is situated at a plateau of unique natural beauty, the Plateau of the Nine Muses.

Following Arvanitsa, runners will cross the forest at an altitude of 1050 metres to reach Kyriaki. Kyriaki is the biggest village in Mount Helicon, renowned for its beauty.

Leaving Kyriaki, runners head downhill to reach Steiri village and Distomo (Ancient Amvrissos) before they start climbing the sides of Mount Parnassus to reach the picturesque village of Arachova.

From Arachova, runners will head downhill to reach Delphi, the centre of the world! The magnificent landscape and the aura of the area are unique in the world. 

Geographically, the Nine Muses race crosses part of West Boeotia heading northbound until Phocis.