Route Description


The Euchidios Athlos route is demanding, yet of unique beauty at the same time.

The entire route is on tarmac roads except for a small 5-km section along the Mornos Canal, where the runners will be on dirt road.

The Euchidios Athlos (107.5 km) will start at the archaeological site of Plataea and finish in Delphi. The Euchidios HyperAthlos (215 km) will start from Delphi, reach Plataea after 107.5km where the runners return for the second half back towards Delphi. The archaeological site of Plataea is located next to the battlefield of the most decisive Greek victory against the Persians that took place in 479 BC. Runners can feel awe and suspense as they try to reenact the feat of Euchidas.

Runners will start crossing the flat terrain with the battlefield of Plataea on their right and Mount Cithaeron on the left. Athletes run next to the Mornos Canal on dirt road for about 5 kilometres to reach the historic village of Leuctra.

Runners will pass the Leuctra Monument, erected by the Thebans led by General Epaminondas after their victory against the Lacedaemonians, to reach Ellopia, Xironomi, Domvrena and Ancient Thisvi. From the village of Thisvi the climb to Mount Helicon begins. Mount Helicon is the mythical mount of the Nine Muses.

Runners are to encounter a fairly difficult route with uphill routes to be finally compensated by the panoramic view of the Corinthian Gulf.

Just about half way through the route and after the runners have entered the fir forest, athletes will reach the beautiful village of Agia Anna. Following Agia Anna, runners will go past the village of Arvanitsa, to enter the Plateau of the Nine Muses; a field of unique beauty and splendor. Runners will head towards the mountainous village of Kyriaki (Ancient Flygonion) at an altitude of 1050 metres.

Leaving Kyriaki, runners head downhill to reach Steiri village and Distomo (Ancient Amvrissos) before they start climbing the sides of Mount Parnassus to reach the picturesque village of Arachova.

From Arachova, runners will head downhill to reach Delphi, the centre of the world! The magnificent landscape and the aura of the area are unique in the world. 

Geographically, the Euchidios Athlos crosses West Boeotia heading northbound.