21th  EUCHIDIOS ATHLOS  8-10  MAY 2020

EUCHIDIOS ATHLOS – 107.5km. Plataea - Delphi


Friday  8 May 2020  Plataea

19.00-23.00    Registration, crew accreditation and drop bag collection. The race registration will take place at the starting line at Plataea.

20.00              Bus departure from Athens to Plataea. The bus will depart from Platia Karaiskaki in front of Hotel Crystal.

                       The bus will depart at 20.00hrs with no delay.  ATTENTION!!! The athetes must be in time.

21.15-21.30    Bus arrives at Plataea. Runners are kindly requested to go to the registration desk immediately to get their BIB numbers and crew accreditations.

                       Runners are to deliver their drop bags with no delay at the registration desk near the starting line. Runners can also put their personal belonging

                      back in the bus to be taken to Iniohos Hotel at Delphi.

19.00-22.30    Drop bag delivery. No drop bags will be accepted after 22.30hrs

23.15-23.45    Pre-race briefing and instructions.

24.00-             Race starts.

Saturday  9 May 2020  Delphi

09.00-       Estimated arrival of the first runner at Delphi.

15.00-       Estimate arrival of the last runner; race ends.

18.30.-21.00    Dinner. The dinner will take place in  the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

Sunday 10  May 2020 Delphi

07.30-09.00     Breakfast

09.15-10.45     Ceremony of flame touch of Delphi. The ceremony will take place at Sikelianos Museum in Deplhi. The  Torch relay of the Delphic fire in the town of Delphi, follows after the ceremony.

11.30-13.30    Awards ceremony. will take place in the  the European Culturale Centre of Delphi

 13.30-15.30    Reception in the European Cultural Center of Delphi.

15.30-16.00    Bus departure to Athens.


 *  The program is not final and changes may occur. The final program will be posted after 31/3/2020, when the registrations will close.