Participation - Criteria


PARTICIPATION CRITERIA: To participate in the Euchidios Hyper Athlos runners need to have fulfilled at least one of the following criteria, during the last two years (2017, 2018) or 2019, in the races below:

Euchidios Hype Athlos 215km within 36 hours.
Euchidios Athlos 107.5km within 15 hours.
Spartathlon within 36 hours.
Olympian race within 28 hours.
100km race within 12h00min (men), 12h30m (women).
160km performance in a 24-hour stadium run (men), 150km (women).
240km performance in a 48-hour stadium run (men), 220km (women).
Rodopi Ultra Tail (ROUT) 100 miles within 40 hours.
Virgin Forest Ultra Trail (VFUT) 100 miles within 40 hours.

Runners who have finished other ultramarathons (road or trail) above 100km, in Greece or abroad, within the time limits are also eligible.

The application will be accepted only when one of the above requirements are met. The results must have been published on the organiser’s website, online, or on any other sports website, so that someone’s performance can be confirmed.

Applications can be submitted from 30 October 2018 until 10 April 2019. Runners can fill the electronic form found on our website to apply for the race. 

The organiser will accept no more than 120 runners as far as they meet the above requirements. The race operates on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Please ensure that you fill all fields in the application form correctly. Be careful when referring to races you ran during the last two years. Ensure that the race name, time and date are clearly stated.
Successful runners should receive notification by e-mail when the application form has been processed and the race fee has been paid.

Runners should know that the Euchidios Hyper Athlos is challenging and they should be healthy and sufficiently trained. All runners should provide a recent medical certificate of good health to be issued within three months before the race. Applicants can send their medical certificate to, or submit it at registration before the race.

All runners will receive their BIB number as they sign the disclaimer during registration. The disclaimer note can be found on our website.

The race is conducted as per the International Association of Ultrarunners (